Thursday, January 31, 2008


Hey Everyone - Ok, so apparently it's "hip" to blog about stuff you create too.... not just stuff you think about :) So, here goes. Welcome to Revive - Unique Handicrafts. Interestingly enough, I was just looking through a collection of pictures of my products from the last 2 years and I was SHOCKED that I had created so many items... and equally shocked that I had sold so many of them... for MONEY. :) I've got to admit it's a pretty huge ego boost when someone stops walking, looks at something you spent a few hours on... and says "wow, that's really great" ... and then when they say "I'll take it"... it's like your heart just really starts thumping... "they like me... they really like me.... I didn't waste all that time in a room, away from my children for nothing!".
That's the other crazy part. I started really getting creative, after the birth of my second child. I don't know if I went a little crazy or what. I just needed an outlet for creativity, and thus, revive was born. I like to think of it as my way of sharing a bit of me with this small community I live in. Not because I think people should know who I am, but because I think it's really great to make something pretty, and other people to want to receive it as a gift (yes, money is exchanged as well), but it's really great anyway.

So, I've got some great stuff coming up, and some newer creations that I'm working on, and just haven't had as many hours as I'd hoped, with chasing 3 kids around and stuff... like cleaning up and sorting... and trying to keep our house livable.

I usually peddle my wares on Etsy. You can visit me at my shop or you can see me at various shows around the valley. I've recently joined a like-minded group of hand-crafters from the etsy community,and we're now "Idaho Indie Works". Which is a really great avenue for us all to join ranks and take over our community, by selling the heck out of handmade items that are WAY better quality, stylish, ingenious than anything you're gonna find at stuff-mart.... trust me.

So, come one, come all... here's our next show:
Valentine Fine Art & Craft Show
February 2-3 from 2-8pm
@ 519 Holly Street - Nampa Idaho

Also, our local paper decided we're important too!! Hooray for etsy-ers.

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