Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Etsy etsy etsy...

So, yeah, I sell some items of mine on - and have had the privilege of joining forces with other local etsy-ers recently. But I was just thinking about how great it is to meet someone new, and have something in common with them ... like "the desire to buy handmade" or supporting someone who does what you do. Don't know... if that applies to you in your line of work or not, but in my journey to make some cash, while doing something I love, I've found that it's not all about me. There's a whole community of people doing what we do, and they're all over the planet. Incredibly creative ones too, some have more talent than they know what to do with - and others have worked really hard honing their craft to perfection... some things catch your eye, mesmerize you and others only make you think... "i could do that" (my least favorite comment I get from people regarding my own craft.
Anyway, all that rambling to say - I found a new crafter in the midwest, and she has such a cool style, and is creating very functional art, which I love. I contacted her to see if she wanted to "trade" , which may sound cheezy, but I can't do what she does and she can't do what I can... so it's sort of perfect in these handmade circles, to trade it up! Anyway, here's her store. And a sample of what she does. I am more than impressed, and one of her hand-stitched, reverse applique shirts, is on it's way to me as we speak! Hooray! I can't wait to advertise for her.

Her shop is New Flight, and if you see something you like, place an order and tell her I sent you. It's so great to find a great shop on Etsy.
So, here's my new quest - not just get the word out about the stuff I do (boorring...), but get the word out about fellow etsy-ers that I love and appreciate.
Come back and read more soon! and keep buying handmade! (trust me, you'll know the different instantly!!)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Is this supposed to be so much fun?

While doing some latenight sewing - in preparation for this art/craft show this weekend, I realized again that I do this because I really love to make stuff :) I'm sure there are people who make things simply because they need the cash, but I seriously, love making things. For instance...
I was sewing this bag...

I was using some scraps of shiny green fabric I had in my stash, and this sweet print from Ikea... and I was making some rather large pockets, when it struck me, that maybe they needed a little pen pocket as well. So, I sewed 2 lines down the center, instead of 1, and voila - pen pocket. Honestly, it's moments like that where I think "yeah, I just thought of that!!" :) I know other people have made pen pockets before, it's just the actual moment of thinking something, then creating it, just because you can... gets me all excited!
Here's a closer look at those pockets...

All in all, I'd say, I really love this bag. Yes, to answer your question, I sometimes make stuff just because I think "someone will like this" - but mostly I just make things that I really like.... what's the point otherwise?