Saturday, March 15, 2008

mmm fabric...

Yeah, I am really itching to buy some new fabric - and I think after I receive payment on this next purchase, I will buy a LOT of new fabric. Here are some beautiful textiles that have been really singing to me lately.

First up, my very own sister-in-law, Lacey. Not only is she a talented artist, and mom - but she has decided to produce textiles. I mean, she's hand dying, batiking, printing... creating absolutely beautiful fabrics, which I MUST get my hands on!
Her newest prints are available at Puffy Mondaes (our local, fiber art source) - and her Etsy shop is coming along quite nicely.

Next, another artist from my beloved Etsy : Stitchindye!
Her style is simple, and colorful, and very unique. What can I say? Handmade really IS better!

Ok, but maybe hand dyed, isn't your thing? Or the item I want to create demands something a bit different? Well, there are certainly your garden variety fabric shops all over the place - so what makes fabric really pop? I mean, is it just because you might be the only one in your county that has a bit of it in your closet? I think that may be it, but it's also the fact that really unique, beautiful fabric is hard to come by - so when you find it, you really need to buy it and keep it close!

Here are a few other options from the mass production world - I must admit, I prefer japanese imported fabric to a lot of domestic brand ... here are some of my favorites:

And yes, this next one looks like something from the end of the 70's, but so am I, and I really love this stuff - but guess what? You can't find it except from japan!

So, It looks like I have my work cut out for me!! I can't wait to get my hands on this stuff!
Happy crafting!!