Friday, February 27, 2009

Just Cause

So, I was approached by a friend about contributing to a fund raising auction for an important cause, and wasn't really sure what to make or do.

I had made this "bucket" about a month ago, mostly as a prototype - but couldn't seem to wrap my head around what else to do with it - it was made using a felted vintage icelandic sweater, and vintage bed linens. It's highly functional, and interesting textures. So, this ended up being donated for the auction.

I have also been toying around with some ideas for "wall pockets", as I am obsessed with making fabric storage, but was running out of places to put them - except for the giant blank canvas of my walls! Here's a take on the previous pocket, but with more "adult" tastes. The pocket was made using repurposed herringbone tweed and is lined with vintage bed linens.

Hopefully, my work will bring some much needed funding for the Idahoans for Midwives.

1 comment:

Lovely Little Lovelies said...

i still maintain that these are some of the most brilliant storage solutions ever. i want some for every room in my house.

i can't wait to see more buckets and wall pockets :)