Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More knitting... in AUGUST

So, I've been knitting a lot more than sewing, which goes against my theory that sewing is more satisfying because you can complete a project so much faster... d'oh!
Anyway, here's a sampling of what I've been up to:
I finished the stripey socks... then i tore out the bind off because I couldn't get my stinkin' cankles into the socks!!! I found a new bind off called knit 1 purl 1 bind off, which uses your tapestry needle instead of the other knitting needle. It's super stretchy and my cankles are happy :)

Here's the bind off before:

And After:

ok, so maybe it's not that obvious off my leg, but on it's a huge stretchy difference!
On this first pair of socks, I learned - the "magic cast-on"... an invisible cast on for toe-up socks. A short row heel, which turned out really great, and the new bind off - satisfaction guaranteed!

I liked it so much, and had enough yarn left over to make Ella Bella some sweet shortie socks:

I also knit this soaker for a friend this weekend, while we were camping, and it turned out SO pretty!

Here's my next project:

Ok, and I also have these new socks on my needles:

All that to say, I need to get to the sewing machine and sew some stuff for revive!!! Although, this new "make stuff for yourself" thing has been awfully fun.



Lovely Little Lovelies said...

it's almost like you're speaking latin when you use all of that knitting slang. huh? :) it doesn't matter though, the photos speak for themselves. the socks are fabulous but addie's new's beautiful! is it weird that i get my jollies from knitted underpants?

yeah, maybe so.

theschramfam said...

i would actually like to make myself some :)

or maybe a knit bikini?? seems logical to me :)

Her next soaker is about half done today. ... so it won't be long until she has a "set".