Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to You!

Ok, so we'll test this out and see if my lil bro reads my blog (my money's on no).
I had this fabulous vintage fabric, and it needed to be used - I thought of making a gentlmen's necktie, but I know that my husband won't wear one. Then I thought of my brother, who is dressed by his wife - and thought "this just might work!" :)
So, here's my first gentleman's necktie, what do you think?

Oh how I love this fabric. I hope my lil bro likes this tie as much as I do.
Happy Birthday Drew!


Drew said...

A-HA...I did read your blog. Cool tie. I like it. Plus, it has a graphic designer sensibility with the type on it.

Miss Courageous said...

Jenn the tie rocks! Sometimes I wish my husband didn't wear a uniform. :)